2 Phrases You Must Avoid When Talking About Yourself. | Johnathan Maltby
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2 Phrases You Must Avoid When Talking About Yourself.

2 Phrases You Must Avoid When Talking About Yourself.

Strong Personal Brands stand out because they are specific and memorable.

The way you describe yourself and the language you use, has the power to position you as a highly valuable person.  However, there are certain overused phrases that are so vague, that they do nothing to enhance your brand or communicate your value.

If you want to stand out then here are 2 clichéd phrases you need to stop using and banish from your skills vocabulary.


Stop Saying your are a ‘Problem Solver.’


Here’s some news – everyone solves problems. There’s nothing special in that. Saying you are a ‘problem solver’ does not differentiate you from anyone. Shoelaces undone? You tie them! See, problem solved!

If you want to stand out and position yourself as valuable, then tell people what specific problems or challenge you can solve for them and their organisation.

Your ability to solve problems is usually tied to your specific industry skills. The two are interlinked. So think, what are my top 5 skills (industry specific) and what problems do they enable me to solve for the business?


I help businesses solve branding issues by focusing on the digital aspect of growing their business.

I enables businesses to reduce staff turnover with strategies that promote collaboration and increased employee engagement. 


Stop saying you are ‘Results-Focused’


Here’s some more news – everything you do produces a result; positive, neutral or negative. In fact, deciding not to get out of bed one day, will still produce some sort of result.

If you want to position yourself as valuable, then you need to be able to communicate to businesses exactly what type of results you are able to help them achieve. Once again, this is related to your  industry skills.

Think of the results as the outcome of the problems you can solve.


I improve business outcomes and increase profitability through better cash-flow management as well as provide data-driven information for better forecasting. 

I enable organisations to provide their employees with the best workplace experiences by effectively managing conflict.


Both of these highly overused phrases do nothing to enhance your Personal Brand or position you as valuable, they are empty, vague phrases. If you are going to stand out with a strong brand, them you need to be specific:

What problems can you solve and what results can you produce?