The Career Coaching Program consists of individual one-on-one sessions where we get to the crux of what makes you really great!

Using a structured process, I will help you clearly identify who and what you are as a professional, your key strengths, what makes you valuable as well as design a career management strategy that puts you in control.

I will provide you with your own personalised and highly comprehensive Personal Branding Master Document that covers the following critical areas:

• Your professional label – who and what you are.
• What you do – the specific problems you solve for people or organisations
• Your core strengths and skills (relevant to your industry) that enables you to effectively solve these problems.
• Your area of specialisation.
• The value you bring to an organisation.
• You career goals and next steps to explore.

This programme will connect many of the dots that may be floating around in your head and put them in front of you in plain black and white, helping you achieve a greater sense of clarity in your career. This will help you understand your worth as a professional and where you fit in the market so that you can effectively position yourself and truly accelerate your career.


There are 3 Career Mastery packages available under The John Maltby Strategy:

BASIC: An entry-level package that will you help cut through the confusion and give you clarity on who and what you are as well as define your professional identity.

STANDARD: Define your professional identity, create a powerful Personal Brand message as well as develop a career management strategy to help you achieve your goals.

PREMIUM: Transform your career from ordinary to epic. This programme is geared towards those who either want to start a business or achieve complete mastery and control of their career and accelerate their progression.


Book your complimentary discovery session to discuss your career, including your aspirations and any challenges that you want to overcome.