Many outplacement services offer the typical CV, LinkedIn and Interview options. They often use outdated techniques that don’t translate very well to match the needs of the modern job market.

My Outplacement Programme is comprehensive and really digs deep into the individual’s Personal Brand before we even create a CV or LinkedIn profile. This ensures they present the best version of themselves with a powerful, authentic and compelling brand story.

We also develop a structured job seeking strategy with specific weekly targets to help them get back on their feet and market themselves with confidence and clarity.

Key areas of the programme include:

• Defining Your Professional Identity and Personal Brand.
• Developing an effective CV and LinkedIn profile that grabs attention.
• Job Seeking Strategies and how to uncover the hidden job market.
• Developing a Personal Sales / Elevator Pitch.
• Interview Coaching.

This program can either be done on an individual basis or within groups.


Book complimentary discovery session to discuss your career, including your aspirations and any challenges that you want to overcome.