My journey

Over the last 20 years, I’ve been a high school teacher and a sales consultant. I’ve worked in marketing and been an IT recruiter. All this before I found my passion as a career consultant.

For each career pivot, I had to reinvent myself, tell a new story and communicate just how and why I’d be a valuable asset to a new company.

Through teaching I learned how to guide and mentor. From marketing I learned the key fundamentals of branding, storytelling and positioning. Through recruitment I learned what it takes to be a standout candidate and how to sell yourself in a competitive market.

I wanted to take all my experience and learnings and share it with others so they too could create a fulfilling career that gives them purpose. That’s why I created the John Maltby Strategy.

The John Maltby StrategySTRATEGY


Get specific on the ‘zone’ you want to occupy and the area you want to be identified with.


Unpack and declutter your career so you can get clarity and confidence on who and what you are.


Consciously define your authentic and compelling brand message.


Take control over your career direction and define your overall strategy and roadmap.


Define and manage key actions, mindset and behaviours to keep you focused on the path to success.

What is it?

The John Maltby Strategy is a Career Mastery framework that enables you to consciously and strategically manage your career YOUR way.

It’s designed to help transform your career from ordinary to EPIC by defining your Professional Identity, uncovering your real capabilities and creating a powerful Personal Brand.

I walk the talk

Having had so many careers, I know how it feels to have a professional identity crisis with a lack of career direction. I’ve experienced the frustrations and struggles that comes from not finding joy in our career and wondering if there is more out there.

Though multiple career pivots, I know exactly what it takes to declutter the ‘noise’ and how brand someone with a compelling and authentic message.

Job Application and Personal Branding Workshop
Johnathan Maltby - Career Coach

Why me?

Traditional career coaches often follow outdated, cookie-cutter methodologies, which typically produce mediocre results.

Many come to me after they’ve tried other coaches because they still haven’t achieved the outcomes they desire.

I’m not your traditional career coach!

My unique style of coaching can have a profound impact on your career and how you perceive yourself as a professional.

I will help you gain greater clarity of yourself and certainty of career direction with techniques that are designed to give you breakthrough results, not ordinary ones.

Coaching experience

Over the last 8 years, I’ve worked with over 400 professionals across a range of industries to help them consciously and strategically design the career they truly desire.

I’m here to guide you on your journey towards creating a career that gives you enormous satisfaction and fulfilment. My techniques will help you unlock your areas of expertise, align your passions to your strengths and create a clear strategy to help you navigate your career towards success.

After all, life’s too short to be miserable in a career. Together, let’s create one that makes you excited to go to work on a Monday morning.