Is Your Personal Brand Holding Your Career Back?


We all have a Personal Brand, whether we realize it or not. But if we are not aware of our brand, then we are not in control of it and if that’s the case, then we risk leaving it in the hands of others to control and tell our story for us.

The person who knows exactly what their Professional Identity is and can effectively communicate it with confidence, has an immediate competitive advantage over those who can’t.

For many people, it can be a real struggle to identify exactly what their Personal Brand is, let alone communicate it to others.

Back in my days as a recruitment consultant, I remember interviewing literally 100s of people that really struggled to effectively answer the question, ‘so, tell me about yourself’ or ‘tell me about your greatest strengths or skills’ or ‘why do you think you are a great fit for this role’?

And so, because they had no idea of their Professional Identity or Personal Brand, let alone how to articulate it, I had no idea how to represent them to my clients. This meant that so many people simply missed out on what could have been their dream role.

You see, trying to communicate your brand message to others without a solid understanding of your own Professional Identity and the value you represent, will ultimately CONFUSE your audience. Not only does this have the potential to damage your brand but it could also seriously hold your career back.

Which begs the question, how many career opportunities have you missed out on because your brand (or lack of awareness of your brand) has held you back?

If you are wanting to get ahead, accelerate your career and be in a position to take advantage of as many career opportunities that you can, then you need to develop a much better understanding of your Professional Identity and build your Personal Brand to such a degree that people will come to you for career opportunities.

Don’t let your lack of self-professional awareness be the factor that holds you back from a career that is truly epic and one you absolutely deserve.

Look out for my next post where I will share why having a strong Personal Brand is absolutely essential to helping you reach your full career potential.

If you are looking to define your professional identity and build your personal brand but not sure where to start, then check out my Personal Branding Master Class.


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