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Is your career situation leaving you feeling frustrated, unmotivated and affecting your happiness?

Maybe you’re worried you’re missing out on career opportunities or you feel like your career is either drifting or worse, stagnating.

My mission it to make it easy to take your first step to a better career by offering a free 45-min (no obligation) Discovery Session over a virtual coffee.

In our session, we’re going to look at your current career situation, what challenges are holding you back and the goals you want to achieve.

Together we’ll explore a range of solutions that will help you move towards a career that gives you greater fulfilment, purpose and happiness.

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Hi. I'm Johnathan Maltby

I’m a Career Coach specialising in Career Management Strategies and Personal Branding.

I’ve worked with over 400 professionals across a range of industries to help them consciously and strategically design the career they truly desire.

My mission is to help you find your Professional Voice, increase your confidence and give you greater certainty of direction.

I’m here to guide you on your journey towards creating a career that gives you enormous satisfaction and fulfilment.

My techniques will help you unlock your areas of expertise, align your passions to your strengths and create a clear strategy to help you navigate your career towards success.

Do you have a career management strategy?

We all want a career that gives us a sense of purpose and fulfilment. But to achieve this, we must have a strategy and a roadmap to get us there.

That’s why I created The John Maltby Strategy, a Career Mastery framework with proven techniques to empower you to consciously and strategically design and manage your career exactly the way you want to it be.

It’s designed to help you define your Professional Identity, uncover your real capabilities and create a powerful Personal Brand, so you can transform your career from ordinary to EPIC!

To discuss how I can help you create your personalised career management strategy, book your free 45-minute discovery session today.