About | Johnathan Maltby
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Hi, I’m Johnathan Maltby and I am a Personal Branding and Career Consultant with extensive experience in helping people advance their careers.


Using my unique style of coaching and breakthrough strategies, I can empower you to take control of your career by helping you identifying exactly who and what you are professionally as well as uncover your unique strengths and skills.


I can help you build a powerful professional identity that effectively packages and positions you in the market and increase your visibility, with a clear message that communicates the value you bring an organisation. Using a clear step-by-step method, I can teach you how to confidently talk about yourself, communicate your brand and manage the way people perceive you in a professional sense so when someone asks you “so tell me about yourself”, you are able to answer with confidence and certainty.

Areas of specialty include:


  • Personal Branding – how to discover, define, distil and skilfully articulate your unique and relevant industry skills
  • How to position yourself in the market to advance your career.
  • How to easily and clearly communicate to others who you are and what you do in a professional sense.
  • Crafting a standout CV that really captures your relevant industry skills and professional experience.
  • Creating a powerful LinkedIn profile to increase your digital presence so that job opportunities find you.
  • Strategies to uncover the hidden job market.


I teach practical and immediately applicable techniques for career advancement.


I also work with companies who want to better engage with their employees by helping them discover and then articulate their unique skills so that organisations can best leverage off these. This helps the employee feel better engaged with their jobs, leading to greater job satisfaction and improved retention rates. I am also able to offer redeployment services where companies need to restructure too.


I run group workshops and master classes in personal branding as well as run individual coaching sessions and can be booked for speaking events too.


I work with graduates all the way up to senior management level as well as entrepreneurs and business owners. I have worked with a wide range of people, helping them reset their career compass and build their personal brand including Doctors, CEOs, CTOs, Project Managers, Food Scientists, Business Analysts, UX Designers, Software Developers, Lawyers, Hospitality Workers, Engineers, Police etc.


If you would like to discuss my services in greater detail and how their can be tailored to your specific individual needs or the needs of your organisation, then please get in contact with me.