I work as the Refugee Health Program Coordinator in a community health centre and was feeling burnt out and was not sure what to do.


Working with Johnathan was intense but all was done in a very safe, supporting, encouraging and non-judgemental environment, which allowed me to be honest and vulnerable. The connection and rapport built also aided in this feeling of safety. I felt validated, understood and appreciated in my work.


I now have a strong understanding, knowledge and acceptance of my abilities as a leader with a clear understanding of my expertise, skills and knowledge and all that I can offer. I ended up with a surprising new business concept and plan to utilize the above and a new excitement for the sector.


I have a personal brand that I can use to showcase myself and use as a basis for my business and have a brilliant springboard to work from.


Thank you Johnathan for your time, energy and efforts. It was a pleasure working with you.