Before working with Johnathan, I struggled to clearly state what I did at work. While I felt confident I could do my job, I couldn’t clearly and confidently state what title I should have. Every description became a long winded jumbled description of tasks I completed. Often these descriptions were in a language that meant not a lot to people who did not work in the same area.


After spending valuable hours with Johnathan, answering questions, completing Lego tasks I started to see the jumbled explanations become clear. Jonathan has a wonderful skill making sense of the cluttered descriptions and pulling the sentences together. It was quite incredible to get to the third session and find pages and pages of valuable statements, that were all spot on!


I now feel much more confident in the skills that I have. Working in an organisation whose primary business is not my area of specialty, I feel validated in what I’m trying to achieve and the methodologies I’m trying to use to achieve them and the terminology I’m using. I have a much clearer picture of what I would like next in my career, and a way forward to get on and achieve that.


I wish I had done a session like this years ago it’s something everyone should invest in.