The investment I made in my personal branding has helped me to win the job I wanted. It has transformed the way I see myself as a professional and has given me more confidence to talk about my professional attributes.


I decided to work with Johnathan Maltby because I found myself without a clear direction and lacking of purpose. I could not see the value I added to the organisation or my personal career aspirations.


Johnathan assisted me to unpack my skills, strengths and achievements that brought me to where I was. He then helped me to package and frame all these findings to tell my professional story in a neat and fluid narrative.


The professional branding and career aspiration programme has assisted me to clarify my priorities, areas for development and professional strengths. The most valuable lesson I learned was to trust my skills and expertise. It also reminded myself why I chose the career that I have. We developed a long-term plan for my professional development and future career growth.


I strongly recommend Johnathan, his method is brilliant and very successful.