I was introduced to Johnathan through his workshops at General Assembly. I had just moved from California and I needed help developing my professional brand further to transition myself into the Australian job market. I was excited to work with him from the beginning because of his expertise and enthusiasm to help people find more direction in their career journey. Johnathan is really knowledgeable, professional and a lot of fun to work with!


The process was very easy yet thorough. I worked with him over three sessions to go over previous work experience, uncover commonalities and transferable skills to market myself better for the roles that I was applying for. These sessions really helped discover my strengths, areas of expertise and immediate career goal.


At the end, he produced a very useful document which includes all of the practices and notes. It will ultimately break down your personal brand and overall brand message into six components. From there you could use this to strengthen your CV, LinkedIn, Elevator Pitch etc. It’s designed to be very flexible and give yourself the ability to refine your message and make changes as needed for the different roles you apply for.


With the help of Johnathan, I definitely feel more confident transitioning myself into the Australian market. He’s helped me improve from making myself look like a jack of all trades to positioning myself into an expert in my field. I feel like I have a stronger, more concise brand message and a clearer goal of the direction that I want my career to go in. It’s been a real pleasure working with Johnathan!