I reached out to Johnathan during a particularly challenging time in my career, having been laid off five months earlier. During this period, I faced several interviews with various companies, but many fell through at advanced stages, which was frustrating.


With over 20 years in digital design and six years in UX, my extensive experience made it difficult to concisely present myself to potential employers. I needed someone to thoroughly examine my career, highlight my strengths, and help define my personal brand.


The process began with ex-colleagues filling out a questionnaire from Johnathan, sharing their experiences of working with me, my strengths, and how I supported them. Johnathan and I also had an in-depth session where he asked probing questions about my past work and future goals. This included a goal-setting workshop, which I found particularly beneficial in turning my ambitions into actionable steps.


The outcome was a comprehensive set of documents detailing my personal brand, invaluable for my career direction and self-promotion across various platforms. This process not only clarified my career path but also provided useful reflection tools.


Coincidentally, while working with Johnathan, an opportunity emerged that led to full-time employment. Johnathan insists it wasn’t just luck, but rather a result of my own efforts!