Interview Coaching | Johnathan Maltby
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Interview Coaching


The thought of having to attend an interview can be a terrifying experience for many. However, with careful and thoughtful preparation you can make the interview your best friend.


The ability to clearly communicate and demonstrate your relevant skills and experience and align these to the job you are interviewing for, is paramount to succeeding in job interviews.


My coaching sessions will give you a range of solid techniques to help you prepare and look forward to your next interview with strategies to help you build your confidence.


I will provide direct feedback on your interview skills in a practise interview that is tailored to your industry as well as the specific job you are going for.


You will learn:


  • How to make a great impression by effectively selling yourself and communicating your strengths.
  • How to handling tough questions.
  • Behavioural Interviewing techniques and how to answer these types of questions.
  • How to stay in control, remain confident and calm your nerves.
  • How to ask the right questions of the interviewer.


Interview coaching is usually face-to-face but can also be done through Video Conferencing too.


The person who is able to effectively sell themselves in an interview usually outperforms the person who is more qualified and skilled.