Johnathan Maltby | Personal Branding and Career Consultant
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Strategic Personal Branding is vitally important if we really want our career to be truly epic. In fact, we all have a Personal Brand, whether we realise it or not yet how many of us are actually conscious of our brand or actively controlling it?


Personal Branding is all about how you package and communicate who you are, what you do, your unique strengths and skills and the value you bring to an organisation. It is about your reputation and the image you consciously or unconsciously portray about yourself.


Personal Branding is about Perception Management and Professional Identity.


For many people, being asked, ‘so tell me about yourself’ is enough to freeze them in their tracks, hoping the ground will swallow them up. Why? Because they don’t know who they are and what unique skills they possess in a professional sense and this can be a real career killer.


There are massive benefits to have a strong sense of your personal brand and being in control of it. These include:


  • Resetting your career compass and enabling you to truly take control of your career
  • Gaining a greater sense of purpose and direction in your professional life.
  • Opening up new career opportunities by identifying and communicating your unique strengths and skills.
  • Being seen as a Subject Matter Expert in your domain.
  • Giving you power over your career with the ability to influence others.
  • Attracting higher quality clients to your business and reducing the time-wasters.
  • Creating the tools to help you advance your career (CV, Elevator Pitch and LinkedIn).

Take control of your brand and tell your own story, so when the next person asks you, ‘so tell me about yourself’, you are excited and ready to reply with confidence and certainty.