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Testimonial for Johnathan Maltby - Bebhinn Coghlan

There’s something very important about the work that Johnathan does. It’s more than simply mirroring you back at you. It’s a level of insight, expertise and empathy that only someone with extensive experience across people related industries can possess.


Johnathan has honed an in-depth understanding of people that is second to none.


I was inspired by his career skills seminars and opted for 1:1 coaching that I can highly recommend.


Johnathan will help you to become clear on your goals and confident in your next future move.


Someek Basu - Testimonial

Johnathan is an extremely talented and a genuine professional. His services are not quick fix gimmicks but focused at overall sustainable value addition.


His endeavours are aimed at unlocking the potential of his clients and bringing it to the forefront. He helps his clients redefine their value proposition to fast-track their growth.


I thoroughly recommend him and believe his services can provide that much needed boost to get a stagnant career moving again with gusto.


Testimonial from James White

I was struggling with a lack of clarity and no concept of where to direct or how to harness it all my drive and ambition for my business. As a result, I was not getting the right kind of clients. I tried a few business coaches and marketing courses, which didn’t work and I was feeling really frustrated like I was banging my head against a wall.


The work I did with Johnathan definitely made me think more deeply about who I am, what I do and why I do it! At the beginning it seemed very conceptual and non-conventional but as we progressed through the program, it became clearer to me that we were extracting everything from my brain, onto the table, and then we were going to put it back together in a meaningful and consistent personal brand and message.


Since completing Johnathan’s Personal Branding Program, I feel I have a much tighter understanding of my message and the way I should be communicating it to my clients. I understand better who and what I am as well as my business, which is now much clearer. I now have more purpose and a lot more faith for 2020 than I did in 2019.


Justin Raiti - Testimonial Justin Raiti

I first met Johnathan at a Deakin Alumni event, and that in itself was a great session to learn more about professional branding.


Prior to working with Johnathan, I found it challenging to articulate my skills and experience in a way that came across confident and concise.


After going through Johnathan’s professional branding program and developing my own branding document, I was able to understand myself a whole lot better as a professional in my field. I was also able to build a much better LinkedIn Profile and resume.


I was foreseeing some structural change at my work and going through the process with Johnathan set me up to get an interview for a new management position.  I then did an interview preparation session with him, which enabled me to better communicate my expertise and relevant experience. This got me over the line and I successfully secured the new management position.


Craig Knox Testimonial for Johnathan Maltby

Working with Johnathan all stemmed from me not being able to clearly articulate the answer to the classic question “so tell me about yourself?”


Ultimately, I wanted to be in a position where I could clearly package and communicate who I was and what I do, but I struggled with it.  I was impressed by a talk and presentation Johnathan did on Personal Branding, so I got in touch.


Going through Johnathan’s Personal Branding program by way of a structured step by step process, Johnathan was able to dissect my career, skillset and motivations and deconstruct me as an individual.  Through this process Johnathan uncovered some real “light bulb” moments which instantly gave me clarity.  This led to Johnathan re-constructing me which clearly identified my core skills and motivators to provide me the direction in which I would like my career to follow.


I would highly recommend Johnathan to anyone looking to improve their Personal Brand and provide clarity and direction in their career.


Bart Wolkowski - Testimonial

John ran an excellent session on personal branding for the Redwolf + Rosch team.


He had clearly done his research and knew what he was talking about. His background in recruitment made his talk highly relevant to us.


The information relayed was presented clearly and concisely making it easy for everyone to comprehend. Excellent and professional looking slides and the session flowed well from one point to the next.


The team gained many insights into the power of personal branding from John along with ideas and tips on how best to apply this information in everyday life.


John’s positive and bubbly personality and his balance of speaking and listening created a highly engaging learning environment for everyone.


Thanks for a great session John!


The investment I made in my personal branding has helped me to win the job I wanted. It has transformed the way I see myself as a professional and has given me more confidence to talk about my professional attributes.


I decided to work with Johnathan Maltby because I found myself without a clear direction and lacking of purpose. I could not see the value I added to the organisation or my personal career aspirations.


Johnathan assisted me to unpack my skills, strengths and achievements that brought me to where I was. He then helped me to package and frame all these findings to tell my professional story in a neat and fluid narrative.


The professional branding and career aspiration programme has assisted me to clarify my priorities, areas for development and professional strengths. The most valuable lesson I learned was to trust my skills and expertise. It also reminded myself why I chose the career that I have. We developed a long-term plan for my professional development and future career growth.


I strongly recommend Johnathan, his method is brilliant and very successful.


Johnathan is a passionate presenter who was able to articulate his ideas with the group of graduates in the superannuation industry by sharing his wealth of knowledge and experiences about personal branding strategies. He presents in an engaging style, clearly expressing the finer points of how to market the story of yourself.


The content delivered to the graduates was relevant and informative. Johnathan included a presentation on Personal Branding, followed by hands-on, interactive exercises which challenged the graduates to develop their Professional Identity. The session culminated with each of the graduates tasked with delivering their own Elevator Pitch.


The graduates thoroughly enjoyed the session as Johnathan was able to generate ideas on ways for the participants to consider how they were going to promote themselves in their careers moving forward. He also captivated his audience by sharing relevant stories, connecting them to learning points important to the audience based on the presentation content.


The biggest takeaway that graduates received from the presentation is that they must invest the time in understanding who they are, what their specialization is and how to promote their professional label.


Johnathan comes highly recommended as he is a skilled presenter. He speaks with enthusiasm and passion to his audience, effortlessly connecting to them whilst delivering a relevant pitch.

Katharine Knight – Digital Marketing and Communications Specialist – July 2018

Prior to working with John, I found it difficult to articulate my broad range of skills and varied work experience. I felt frustrated that I didn’t fit in a particular bucket or job role and found it oddly very hard to explain what I’m good at.


After an initial consultation, John suggested his Personal Branding Programme designed to unpack that dreaded question “so what do you do”.


After multiple sessions, he helped sift away and find the real nuggets of professional gold. The process made me address head-on how to talk about myself and helped bring clarity to both the job-hunting and interview process. As a result, I was offered a job on the stop during my first interview in Melbourne as an Account Manager with a branding agency.


John is a really generous and warm bloke and I’m very grateful for his help as a newbie to the city.


Shaegan Vishal – Fire Protection Engineer – June 2018

Returning to Melbourne after graduation and travelling I found myself amid what all graduates find themselves, job hunting. Through some happenstance and sheer good fortune, I found myself attending one of Johnathan’s seminars on personal branding and it has been a game changer for me.


Prior to enlisting Johnathan’s, I had been doing what 95% of job seekers do with the conveyor belt application process. Applications flying out of my email and LinkedIn without much scope or targeting. It felt quite debilitating and extremely frustrating.


Johnathan’s prior experience in recruitment and his transparency changed the entire process. I won’t say I suddenly found myself loving the job hunting but it finally made more sense how I would be targeting myself towards employment opportunities.


The nature of our interaction was through his seminars, 5 in total taking you through each step of not only job hunting but building your personal brand through the process to make oneself unique. I would highly recommend attending the seminars twice. On top of that, we had multiple one on one sessions. Here, is where Johnathan shines.


He listens intently and is able to quickly capture who you want to be in your world, summing it up succinctly and in a way, one might not have thought of before. Through our discussions we removed verbal clutter on my CV and cover letter and honed on in on the specific nature of who I want to be as a professional.


Taking Johnathan’s advice on board I ended up with a CV and Cover Letter that was lean yet substantive. My language towards jobs was utterly industry specific and in no time the number of interview call backs I was getting started to turn around. With that comes a sense of confidence and with that an ability to absolutely deliver when called upon.


In my opinion, Johnathan was vital to this. Not only does he help you attain what you want to do, but helps you discover who you want to be, all while building a unique brand that will carry you further than words will.


Through his help, I was able to accomplish my goal of securing employment in one of the world’s leading engineering consultancies. My personal brand has become much more focused and clear along with my understanding of how to brand myself not only for jobs I am suited to do but for careers I would like to achieve outside of my industry.


Thank you, Johnathan, for providing me with your undivided time, attention, transparency and help.


To anyone who wants to feel excited come Sunday evening in anticipation for Monday morning, Johnathan Maltby is your man.

Robyn Johnstone – Digital Product Manager and UX Designer – May 2018

Before working with Johnathan, I struggled to clearly state what I did at work. While I felt confident I could do my job, I couldn’t clearly and confidently state what title I should have. Every description became a long winded jumbled description of tasks I completed. Often these descriptions were in a language that meant not a lot to people who did not work in the same area.


After spending valuable hours with Johnathan, answering questions, completing Lego tasks I started to see the jumbled explanations become clear. Jonathan has a wonderful skill making sense of the cluttered descriptions and pulling the sentences together. It was quite incredible to get to the third session and find pages and pages of valuable statements, that were all spot on!


I now feel much more confident in the skills that I have. Working in an organisation whose primary business is not my area of specialty, I feel validated in what I’m trying to achieve and the methodologies I’m trying to use to achieve them and the terminology I’m using. I have a much clearer picture of what I would like next in my career, and a way forward to get on and achieve that.


I wish I had done a session like this years ago it’s something everyone should invest in.

Ritesh Mulliah – Technical Solutions Specialist – May 2018

When I met Johnathan, I was an overseas technology professional, with experience in Project Management, Business Development and Business Strategy. At the time, I found the Melbourne job market quite challenging to penetrate and after numerous unsuccessful attempts, I settled for a couple of business operations roles instead. Although I succeeded in these roles, they weren’t my true calling.


Johnathan and I worked together in identifying my strengths and weaknesses and then rebuilt my resume and market repositioning. The result was a new professional identity for me.

I was then equipped to apply for roles more confidently and succeed in the job interview processes.


With Johnathan’s assistance and coaching in my Personal Brand, I now work in the technology team of a leading multinational professional services firm. I have a clear understanding of my career, my professional and personal goals, and my eventual career progression.


Thank you Johnathan for being by my side and believing in me, during this adventure.

Maidy McDonald – Senior Technical Business Analyst – April 2018

I find myself lucky to have crossed paths with Johnathan when I hit a fork in the road of my career. Our one-on-one sessions in the Road to Epic Programme has tremendously helped me appreciate myself more and I have gained greater confidence in what I am and what I do to help people and the organisations I work in.


His advice and insights have helped me to move forward and I am now taking the next step in my career shift. I could not recommend him more highly.

Angela Miller – Customer Experience Lead – January 2018

Hey Johnathan, I wanted to let you know that I have had a couple of job interviews since we worked together and you produced my branding document. This document has become my go to morale booster before I enter a room and ‘sell’ myself at interview. It of course reminds me how brilliant and wonderful I am 😉 and makes me feel very positive. I’m glad I worked with you on this, I’m sure I’ll be referring to it for many years to come!

Maraya Bula – Communications and Business Development Strategist – September 2017

I was introduced to Johnathan through his workshops at General Assembly. I had just moved from California and I needed help developing my professional brand further to transition myself into the Australian job market. I was excited to work with him from the beginning because of his expertise and enthusiasm to help people find more direction in their career journey. Johnathan is really knowledgeable, professional and a lot of fun to work with!


The process was very easy yet thorough. I worked with him over three sessions to go over previous work experience, uncover commonalities and transferable skills to market myself better for the roles that I was applying for. These sessions really helped discover my strengths, areas of expertise and immediate career goal.


At the end, he produced a very useful document which includes all of the practices and notes. It will ultimately break down your personal brand and overall brand message into six components. From there you could use this to strengthen your CV, LinkedIn, Elevator Pitch etc. It’s designed to be very flexible and give yourself the ability to refine your message and make changes as needed for the different roles you apply for.


With the help of Johnathan, I definitely feel more confident transitioning myself into the Australian market. He’s helped me improve from making myself look like a jack of all trades to positioning myself into an expert in my field. I feel like I have a stronger, more concise brand message and a clearer goal of the direction that I want my career to go in. It’s been a real pleasure working with Johnathan!