Personal Branding | Johnathan Maltby
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Before you can start consciously creating your personal brand, you need to figure out what you want people to know about you and how you are going to package yourself.


My Personal Branding and Career Coaching sessions are extremely in-depth. We delve into your career and you as a person, to find out what makes you really tick. Using a very unique process, I will help you clearly identify your key strengths and skills as well as the path you would like to take your career on. We will also examine your values and what you find valuable in a career and company.


I will teach you how to brand yourself for career advancement and ultimately career success. By knowing who you are in a professional capacity and what your true strengths and skills are, you will be able to make better decisions about your career and attain the roles that you really excite, challenge and fulfil you.

These one-on-one sessions and workshops will teach you how to take control of your career and provide you with clarity, purpose and a much clearer career direction.


One of the biggest reasons why good employees leave an organisation is because they feel dis-engaged in their role. For many, they feel that the skills required for their job is often only the tip of what they are able to offer the organisation and so they start looking for new opportunities.


With this in mind, I work with companies and help them get the most out of their employees. I do this by running workshops with departments designed to help employees discover and articulate their unique skills. This helps companies get the most out of these skills and helps employees feel better engaged in their roles leading to greater staff retention.


I also work with senior executive managers to help them identify, build and communicate their brand within an organisation and the wider community. This raises the profile of the company, sets them apart from the competition and positively impacts their employment branding which is great for attracting top quality candidates.